Domestic Upholstery

We provide a bespoke service where attention to detail results in high-quality products. We regularly work closely with experienced, award-winning designers to produce aesthetically pleasing functional spaces.

seating Upholstery services in Colchester & Chelmsford

What are the benefits of having tailor-made furniture?

  • ¬†You get exactly what you want, sometimes you get even more than you expected.

  • The furniture is made to fit the space you have in mind without compromise.

  • You will have a quality piece of furniture, all the way through to the frame that will stand the test of time."

Turning your vision into reality, by making the furniture you want, that perfectly fits the space you have in mind, without compromise.

It's as simple as that!

This isn't an off-the-shelf service, which means we can be flexible to your exact requirements. You will get what you want and sometimes more than expected because our furniture is as bespoke as our service

Blue Domestic Upholstery


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